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A Brief History of the Church of St Mary Magdalene

2009 Onwards

Local people report that up to 2009 the Churchyard was visited on a regular basis by members of the general public as a Garden of Remembrance and a place of solitude for reflection. The graves were legible and would have provoked an interest in not only the area of Shopland but also its incredibly rich history. Following the death of Bill Edgar, the Churchyard tragically fell into a terrible state of disrepair and became almost impenetrable apart from the entrance and the Utton memorial on the western side of the site.

With the necessary permissions, a dedicated team of local individuals has commenced the arduous task of clearing Shopland Churchyard. One invaluable member of the team has provided both the overview, professional expertise and equipment to support the project. It must be mentioned that the Benton Family graves have been infiltrated by badgers. Due to Wildlife Protection Orders, this area of the Churchyard has not been tampered with and will remain untouched until the relevant permissions may be granted by Natural England.We invite you to peruse the following photographs as evidence of our good intentions for the future of Shopland Churchyard and trust that you are impressed by the many hours that have so far been invested voluntarily for the sake of its preservation.The restoration is a work in progress and will be followed through to its conclusion in order to allow the site to once more be used by the general public for prayer, reflection and remembrance.

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