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A Brief History of the Church of St Mary Magdalene

St Mary Magdalene Summer Service 27.07.2014


Following the demolition of the Church in 1957, an annual Service has been held within the Churchyard as a Rememberance to the people interred. Until recently, the service has been held in close proximity to the Utton memorial with weeds and brambles as a backdrop. This year the service will be held inside the footprint of the Church , within the cleared  Churchyard. Everyone is welcome. We invite everyone to bring a picnic that can be enjoyed on the lawns of the Churchyard after the Service. This grass has been re-seeded in places and we hope that by the time of the service, it will be well established. Please bring a camera to remember the day by!


 In order to keep tabs on numbers, we would invite you to contact us if you plan to attend. The Service will be held at 2pm on 27.07.2014

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