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A Brief History of the Church of St Mary Magdalene

Presentation on St Mary Magdalene Churchyard at Sutton Church Hall 05.03.2014

The Friends of Sutton with Shopland kindly invited us to present a talk on the progress of the restoration of the Churchyard to the locals of Sutton and Shopland. We were amazed at the turnout. The hall was packed with standing room only at the back!. We were offered invaluable historical photographs from some attendees and were blessed with a first hand account of the history of the Church from Heather Overall whose Mother used to clean the Church. The support was overwhelming and was a fantastic boost to the team. Roger Hill, who heads up the Rochford Hundred Historical Society offered his services as a volunteer and has been an incredible addition to our team, offering us both his wealth of knowledge on local history and his free time to help pull the never ending weeds that constantly attack the Churchyard.

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