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A Brief History of the Church of St Mary Magdalene

About us


Steve Oakley and Faye Owen are the founders of The Friends of Shopland Churchyard. Following a trip to Jenny Murrells campsite at Shopland Hall Equestrian Centre in September 2013, (very much recommended if you are a camper), they stumbled across the Churchyard. The site has an incredible magnetism and air of peacefulness but was in a terrible state of disrepair. An enthusiastic team have been granted the relevant permissions to restore the site to its former glory. The Friends of St Mary Magdalene Churchyard are:

Sue (the one with the dark hair!) has been with the team from day one. She has worked her knuckles to the bone pulling weeds and has become famous for her efforts late at night with a torch refusing to go home, sitting in puddles just to make progress. She has been a rock!!  Thank you Sue, we love you!! xx

Roger has recently joined the team and has given up his time during the day when other members have been unable to attend. He is an incredibly knowledgeable man on local history and has proven himself as an invaluable source of information on the site. He is Chair of the Rochford 100 Historical Society and welcomes new members. He can be contacted on 01702 548904.

Alison has a busy job as a District Nurse but spends all of her spare time at the Churchyard pulling weeds. She has helped with talks on the Churchyard and has helped with research on the site. She has spent many hours at the Essex Records Office and is always there when we need her. She has been there from day one and has been an invaluable member to the team. Thank you Alison. We love you xxx

Steve and Faye stumbled across Shopland Churchyard  whilst on a Camping trip at Shopland Equestrian Centre in September 2013. They sought the relevant permissions to renovate the site and have been fortunate enough to meet a wonderful team of individuals who are prepared to give up their spare time to join them in the restoration of such a significantly important historical site. They express their sincere heartfelt thanks to all involved.

On 27.04.2014 Michael Mc Master took his dog for a walk and came across the Churchyard, he was met by Roger and Sue and was impressed with the work that they were doing. He has now become our latest recruit to the Team and (in the words of Roger) worked like a Trojan for two hours whilst his dog enjoyed the scenery. Welcome aboard Michael.

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