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A Brief History of the Church of St Mary Magdalene

Late History of St Mary Magdalene Church 1847-1900


The late H.W.King, Secretary of the Essex Archaeological Society visited the Church and found no arch separating the Chancel from the Nave. This was unusual for a Norman Church. 

It may have been demolished when the Chancel was widened in the 13th or 14th C. On his second visit in 1863, he found a new West window had been installed in the Decorated style, indicating that the Church was still used at this time.

The Church began to deteriorate sometime after this.


A brass Lectern was presented by Frederick Thackeray (Vicar of Shopland 1847-1892) to commemorate the recovery of his daughter from a serious illness.


Two oak chairs and mats for the altar were provided aswell as a tool shed for the Churchyard. We have arranged for a new tool shed to be installed where the old one stood. This is near completion.


A small window in the South side of the Church was filled with stained glass  depicting the Virgin and Child in memory of Philip and Eliza Benton.

However, the congregation made attempts to improve her sorry state.

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