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A Brief History of the Church of St Mary Magdalene



Welcome, and thank you for visiting Shopland Churchyard  online.  This site is designed to keep our local history alive by telling the story of the Lost Church of St Mary Magdalene and the efforts of a group of local volunteers to restore the Churchyard to her former glory. Once you have taken a look at the site we would ask you to leave us a comment on the project.

Our Mission


Until September 2013, Shopland Churchyard was in an impenetrable state of disrepair. An enthusiastic group of local volunteers have worked tirelessly to restore the site as a Garden of Reflection and a Centre of Learning to ensure that local history is preserved. Our intention is to maintain the site for the many generations to come.

To Volunteer


The upkeep and improvement of Shopland Churchyard is a never ending battle and any willing volunteers for the cause are always most warmly welcomed. The team pride themselves on their friendliness and you will become an accepted and invaluable member dedicated to a cause that will benefit many generations to come. All work undertaken is under the guidance of Sutton Parish Council and the Chelmsford Diocese.

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Do you have any historical information on Shopland Churchyard?

We have pieced together an extensive history of the site from many sources, including the Essex Records Office. If you have any memories relating to the Church or any photographs , the team would very much like to hear from you. If you could spare the time please contact us.

St Mary Magdalene Church Records

The Church of St Mary Magdalene which was demolished in 1957

Utton Memorial

New Years Day Beat The Bounds Walk 01/01/2015.

Rochford Historical Society Talk 20.03.2015.

Frederick Thackeray Good Friday Walk 03.04.2015

Summer Picnic in the Churchyard 26.07.2015

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